• Once the order is successfully placed on the XHEYDAY official website, the recipient's information can not be modified. Also, our goal is to get your order shipped as quickly as possible.
  • Therefore, if you want to cancel the order before it is shipped, please send an email to support@xheyday.com to apply for cancellation.
  • It should be noted that cancellation of the order is not supported after the order has been shipped.

You can subscribe to our email list to be notified by email when we restock for the first time. The subscribe button is located at the bottom of our official website. Or you can follow us @xheyday on Instagram for more info.

  • Please clean and maintain according to different materials and crafts.
  • We recommend using a clean, soft white damp cotton cloth or a soft brush to wipe the upper. Never scrub with a brush, soak in water or wash in a washing machine. This can cause damage or color mixing to the shoe, and may cause the sole to come off.

  • Items cannot be exchanged but can be returned.
  • If the product is returned as an XHEYDAY return product and is eligible for a refund, you will receive a full refund and you can select to reorder the appropriate item.

Due to different manufacturing processes, there may be glue overflow, natural wrinkles, thread ends, non-complete symmetry and other phenomena that do not affect the normal wearing function, which is a normal phenomenon. This is the normal production process after vulcanization, and it is not a quality problem.

Normally for individual customers purchaing our product for personal use, import duties will not apply. On occasion when import duty occurs, it is not covered in your postage. Our shipping does not include any duties of a specific country, and customers need to contact the Customs for clearance.

  • We accept several payment methods, just check on payment icons to find your favourite ones.
  • When you place an order, you will be redirected to a secured payment page, where you can safely confirm your payment information.
  • Verify that you have correctly entered the data for your selected method of payment. If you are paying with a credit card and the problem persists, we suggest contacting your bank or Credit Card Issuer.

We take security very seriously, so your personal details will be protected. We use the industry standard encryption protocol known as Secure Socket layer (SSL) and other safety measures to protect your information from unauthorized use or disclosure. All confidential data like payment information is encrypted and transmitted through a secure channel using SSL encryption.

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