Summer Vibes: Introducing Vibrant Slip Ons for a Refreshing Style Upgrade

Summer Vibes: Introducing Vibrant Slip Ons for a Refreshing Style Upgrade

By David Zhu


As we swiftly approach the midpoint of the year, summer beckons with its vibrant energy. If your shoe collection has felt a bit dull after enduring months of gloomy weather, you're in luck. The new season brings a fresh wave of inspiration, particularly in everyday shoe styles, perfectly suited for summer with their lively colors and appealing designs.

Building on the success of our Triple Wavy bread sneakers from last year, we've introduced a range of chunky sneakers in colors that capture the essence of summer.

What's trending for summer footwear? Bright, vivid colors are taking center stage. That's why we've launched three pairs of Slip Ons in advance: a sunny yellow, a romantic pink, and a fiery red.

Let's delve into each of these new additions:


Wavy Slip On Yellow

Yellow exudes warmth, happiness, and vitality, often symbolizing sunshine and optimism. It's a popular choice for summer attire, adding a cheerful touch to any outfit. Our Wavy Slip On in yellow not only boosts your style but also enhances your complexion, giving dull skin a radiant glow. With its convenient Slip On style and comfortable wavy outsole, this sneaker is perfect for easy, barefoot wear. Its wide design and raised pad accentuate slender calves, making it a standout choice for summer.


Wavy Slip On Pink

In recent years, pink has surged in popularity, overtaking black and white as a staple color. Pink sneakers are versatile, complementing casual wear while adding a delicate touch to lighter outfits. The Wavy Slip On in pink shares the same construction as its yellow counterpart, offering comfort and style in a charming hue.


Wavy Slip On Red

The Wavy Slip On in red exudes passion and intensity. Its crimson hue not only brightens your overall look but also brings a luminous glow to your feet. Chunky sneakers like this one are particularly friendly to robust feet, creating the illusion of elongated, slender calves. Red effortlessly elevates any outfit, making the wearer a captivating presence in any crowd.


In addition to these new arrivals, we introduced the black and creamy Slip Ons last year for those seeking more versatile options. Made with the same quality and craftsmanship, they're also available on our website.

That wraps up our summer shoe guide. If the Slip Ons catch your eye, don't miss out! Stay tuned for more updates on our official blog or Instagram account.


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