Summer Lazy Dressing Guide

Summer Lazy Dressing Guide

By David Zhu


Summer has arrived, and faced with the scorching heat, many people are reluctant to go out and therefore less inclined to dress up. Today we are going to introduce two lazy summer outfits to help alleviate your concerns.

For men, summer outfits typically consist of T-shirts, shirts, long pants, and shorts. There's no need for elaborate makeup or painstakingly selecting sweet little skirts. A straightforward and convenient option is usually a T-shirt paired with shorts. 

<image from @carminepetrosino with XHEYDAY Triple Wavy Black>

Typically, men rather to choose classic black paired with black and white chunky sneakers. The advantage of choosing chunky sneakers is that they can increase height while making the calves appear relatively slim and elongated. This combination looks clean and sharp, making it suitable for those who are unwilling to dress up extensively or are afraid of not handling brighter colors well. 

Certainly, girls can easily handle this type of similar outfit. Many girls nowadays are increasingly pursuing a cool and edgy style similar to boys. Additionally, men's clothing tends to be larger in size compared to women's, which has led to the emergence of many girls adopting an Oversize style of dressing.

<image from @anais.rez with XHEYDAY Triple Wavy White Fleece>

Moreover, during the summer, a combination of a short-sleeved T-shirt and jeans is also a great choice for men. A plain black T-shirt paired with blue or black wide-leg jeans typically achieves a very good effect. Certainly, if you have fair skin, dark color combinations will be more stylish, emphasizing a sense of contrast. 

<image from @taha__lkoubra with XHEYDAY Triple Wavy Black & Wavy-cut Jeans>

Certainly, this type of outfit has its benefits, especially for girls.

Compared to other pants, wide-leg trousers have a stronger and more noticeable effect on body shaping. Wearing them not only presents a casual and stylish look but also makes one appear slimmer. They are quite inclusive and suit all body types. With their loose and elongated cut, they can conceal imperfections and use their drape to refine the leg line, making the body appear straighter and longer. These characteristics are particularly prominent in summer. Girls who are not very confident about their body or feel less satisfied can try pairing wide-leg trousers with Chunky Sneakers for a stylish look.

<image from @bia.liraa with XHEYDAY Triple Wavy Black>

Here are the combinations relatively easy to collocate in summer. Whether male or female, as long as you have black clothing, you can achieve great results.

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